8:30am Contemporary Service

The 8:30 service offers a relaxed, casual, family-like style of worship where we gather together, pray, sing, and share God’s word together. There is a praise and worship team with several instruments, including a banjo and ukulele. There are no clergy or choir robes, just a come-as-you-are atmosphere that is perfectly suited to the early Sunday morning hour.

11:00am Traditional Service

The 11:00 service offers a more traditional worship style with liturgy, a chancel choir, congregational hymns, and clerical robes. Though traditional, it is not overly formal, and people gather together in a fun, friendly atmosphere to explore God’s word and grow together as a faith community.

On the front of our worship bulletin:

We’re go glad you’ve joined us today. This is your service and your time to praise, laugh, cry, pray and reconnect to the ways God is moving in our lives. Whether you come from a place of peace and wholeness or from the fringe with a heart of despair and confusion, know that you are loved and accepted by God and his son Jesus Christ and through the welcome embrace of the people of Soapstone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do the 8:30 and 11:00 worship services differ from one another?

There are elements that are the same, such as the Scripture reading, children’s sermon, sermon, and announcements. There are elements that are blended special music groups, including hand bells and the youth praise band, will from time-to-time play at either service. There are elements that are different – the 8:30 service is more reliant on the screen, has a praise and music team, and incorporates more visual liturgy while the 11:00 worship is more reliant on the bulletin, has a chancel choir, and sings from a hymnal.

Are children welcome in worship services?

We encourage your children to participate in worship and invite them to select a worship notebook (blue for ages 3-6, green for ages 7-12) filled with age-appropriate puzzles and games as they enter the sanctuary. Early in the worship service, all children will be invited to the front of the sanctuary to hear a special message just for them. Afterwards, they may continue to worship with you or go to the nursery (under 5) if you prefer.

What should I expect if I am new to worshipping at Soapstone?

You will be met at the sanctuary door by a greeter who will hand you a bulletin and answer any questions. During the worship service you will be invited to sign our friendship pad and give contact information so that others sitting around you can meet you and our hospitality team can follow-up with you. At other times in the service you will be invited to stand and sing, offer prayer concerns, and participate in a church offering. On Communion Sundays (first Sunday of every month), all are invited to participate in the Great Thanksgiving by coming forward, receiving the bread, dipping it in the cup, and returning to your seat.