Amy Fetzer

Amy B. Fetzer is currently the Artist In Residence at Soapstone United Methodist Church. She is a Visual Artist called to work in the church, helping to build a relationship for how we may all perceive the love of Christ through art making.

Amy began her two-year appointment in August 2016. She leads contemplative visual journaling groups, works with the conAmy Fetzergregation’s groups in creating art response to God’s Word, facilitates “Calls for Art,” and manages the rotating visual arts exhibitions at Soapstone — all in the spirit of honoring and glorifying God. “I am ever amazed and filled by talking and working with others in response to the Word of God. There is a deep gift of community that I am given by time shared in this way.”

Amy is a wife, mom of three, has a BFA in Studio Arts and a BS in Packaging Science.