Creative Arts

New Art Opportunity: Word Illuminated
Visit the table in the narthex or contact Amy Fetzer to learn more about a Tiny Art Response celebrating the gift in Christ Jesus. We will respond to John 1:1-15 (the Word) and John 1:6-9 (the Light). Workshops to equip you and fan your imagination will be offered in November and you are invited to participate in these workshops meeting on Sundays, 3:00-5:00 pm in room 101/103:
November 12: Illuminating a Letter/ Gliding
November 19: Making a Homemade Battery

Art Journaling: Consider a creative response to scripture by practicing art journaling. You will be free to doodle, scribble, free write, push water color across journal pages; adding ripped and cut magazine words and images to then glue on to your pages; repurposing their meanings to express your response as we journey with Christ to the cross through weekly scripture readings.

There is no perfect page; there is only your true response to God’s word speaking to your heart. We close the time by sharing our responses and experience the Love of the Holy Spirit as we sense God working in our lives through the scripture.

We have two groups meeting on different days/times and hope one of them will fit your schedule: Monday evenings, 7:00 pm, Creating Landmarks Art Journaling (evening), alternating Mondays with Spiritual Growth Through Painting and Tuesday mornings, 9:30 am, Creating Landmarks Art Journaling (morning).

No art experience necessary, only a willingness to be freed by a few hours of creativity with friends and God’s Word. Please contact Amy Fetzer for more information.