Call For Art: Now through July 31, 2017

Theme: Where you meet Christ on your paths this Summer
Mediums: All
Size: As large as 2′ high x 2′ wide x 2″ deep, not exceeding 3 lbs in weight.

During the months of June and July we will have an evolving art show develop on our Narthex walls. The works are to be markers of our experiences meeting Christ on our paths this summer as we take time to be with family, friends, and visit/work in places away and near. As the works come in they will be installed on the Narthex walls, growing out towards the doors like a path. We will be seeing the life of the Church as we share these moments and we will be lifting up to all how God is with us  ~ Emmanuel.

Your artworks should be:
-Labeled on the back with your name and contact information.
-Placed on the counter of room 101.
-Attach a short description of how you found God in the time you create about.
-Include a Scripture verse which speaks to or amplifies this experience.